Official Roadmap of development and targets in a timeframe period.
Team of iDot Finance along with Old Guard of Obsidium Ecosystem truly believe that a well structured roadmap with realistic points of development and targets that can be achieved in time is important for community trust and adoption.
At iDot Finance you will not find those promises that will boost your wallet with thousands of multiple gains but a well structured plan along with a progressive roadmap for traction and adoption.
In our ideals, our roadmap will start it's important and truly progress after pre launch sales have ended and the development and adoption can begin.

Roadmap # Q3 / 2022

🌶 Building a competenet moderation team.
🌶 Releasing the beta version of iDot Finance Website.
🌶 Releasing the beta version of iDot Finance Dashboard.
🌶 Releasing a very well Technichal Docuentation.
🌶 Releasing the Token Distribution.
🌶 Releasing the Referral System.
🌶 Releasing the Marketing Plans with community.
🌶 Fixing the points and stages of Marketing.
🌶 Ambassador program release.
🌶 Onboarding of Marketing Campaign
🌶 Releasing a stable and fully functional application, user friendly and interactive.
🌶 Releasing the stable version of iDot Finance Dashboard.
🌶 Releasing a user friendly and beautifull designed website and well documentated.
🌶 Releasing the stable version along with the Smart Contract of Sale Decentralized Application.
🌶 Massive traction and community adoption with massive engangement in token sale.
🌶 Releasing Parnership Staking & Farming where $IDOT will be used as rewards.
🌶 Adoption Staking & Farming of Obsidium Ecosyste.
🌶 Adoption of Governance and usecase implementation of iDot into Obsidium Ecosystem.
🌶 Releasing of Game Center and Betting Feature with $IDOT implementation.
🌶 Adoption of Support Center.
🌶 Listing on major crypto tracker website.
🌶 Successfull Private Sale on Decentralized Application.
🌶 Successfull Presale on PinkSale Launchpad.
🌶 Successfull Release on PancakeSwap
🌶 Listing on Coin Market Cap.
🌶 Listing on CoinGecko.
🌶 Listing on Tokpie Exchange.
🌶 Listing on FinexBox Exchange.
🌶 Implementation of iDot Finance into Obsidium Incubator.
🌶 Listing on Centralized Exchanges. Our goal is to achieve a total of a minimum 5 exchanges where iDot will be available for trade by end of 2022.
Roadmap has been assigned for only 3rd quarter of 2022 with following targets to be released.