Obsidium Capital Fund

Describing the Obsidium Capital Fund in detail.
The acronym OCF stands for Obsidium Capital Fund, which is a separate entity in Obsidium Ecosystem.
iDot Finance as the Fuel of Obsidium Ecosystem will back the Obsidium Capital Value by a percentage collected from any transaction fee collected in the Smart Contract and send it automtically to it's wallet fund.
Obsidium Capital Fund serves as an additional source of funding for the Obsidium Ecosystem.
This additional support could be useful if the iDot token's or any other Ecosystem token price falls dramatically fast. It contributes to the establishment of a floor price for the iDot token's or any other Ecosystem token.
Obsidium Capital Fund it's the Fund that provide and maintain overall Obsidium Ecosystem. Obsidium Capital Fund play a fundamental role in iDot Finance Smart Contract as in case of any downturn, sharp sell-off, which could deplete a liquidity pool or any other possibilities, Obsidium Ecosystem will use it's Capital Fund to back, save or rebounce any project in it's ecosystem.
Obsidium Capital Fund is also used to fund new products & services, and also projects that will broaden and strengthen the Obsidium Ecosystem use cases and economy growth.