Initial Supply Generator

Sustained by Obsidium and it's technology.
iDot will launch as first project inside of Obsidium Ecosystem and will benefit of it's technology, as "0" Initial Supply. As Obsidium Ecosytem propose, we apply. As part of Obsidium Community, you will be part of Generating iDot Initial Supply.
iDot do not have an Initial Supply generated bu it's team, but all Obsidium Community can help generating it by simple heading to Supply Generator Page on Obsidium Website.
Who can participate? Everyone can take part in the process of generating the Initial Supply by heaing to Supply Generator Page and follow the Obsidium Ecosystem rules that apply to it. Everyone who will take part in the process of generating the initial supply of iDot Finance, will get a share of up to 8% of Initial Supply that they generated just by supporting the ecosystem, bringing they're time and effort. The remaining Initial Supply that will be generated, will be listed as a Pre Launch Sale for public hands.
The process of Generating the Initial Supply started on 10 June 2022 and will last till 24 June 2022. The process can be extended in the circumstances when community didn't get involved in the process of Generating the Initial Supply.
Supply Generator Page:​