iDot Finance

Description about iDot Finance.
iDot Finance it's known for Proof of Hold & Hold to Earn mechanism. Proof of Hold mechanism will activate automatically at your first purchase transaction and will continue working, with time compounding for every each purchase transaction. Proof of Hold mechanism will reset it's time and compounding time at first wallet transfer or sell transaction and your Hold to Earn clock will reset.
iDot Finance will rebase iDot tokens to all it's holders that hold into the network on it's mechanism of Proof of Hold and reward it's holders at the APY set.
iDot Finance offer Auto-Compounding for every each rebase earned by iDot Holder and overtime the returns will increase as they're balances will increase.
iDot Finance also offer Tax Reflection and Referral Tax Reflection to it's holders.
Pretty simple, no hassle on your side, iDot mechanism just continuously rolling. All you need to do, bring your contribution to the community, earn more from your referrals, sit back, relax and enjoy the DeFi innovation.