Halving Mechanism

Describing the Halving Mechanism in detail.
We believe in what Satoshi have done with Bitcoin to keep supply inflation at bay. With the other features that the iDot token possessed, it will provide more flourish for the project to sustain long-term growth.
A Halving Mechanism has been integrated into iDot Smart Contract in order to reduce future stable APY income, with the halving occurring each halving period where the rewards APY are divided into two.
RebaseRate = RewardsPercentage.div(2 * * deltaTimeFromInit.div(30days)
Simply put, a iDot token halving is the process of halving staking rewards after each set of years time. iDot token halving limits the supply of new coins by reducing half of the rewards for staking rewards as more rewards are being given, so prices may rise if demand remains strong.