Introduction to iDot Finance Whitepaper, English Version.


iDot Finance combine Halving Process, Tax Reflection, Tax Referral, Staking process on Proof of Hold combined with Auto-Compounding into your wallet.
iDot Finance will open the door to infinite scalability and infinite possibilities along with Obsidium Ecosystem.
DeFi is full of opportunities but has a high technical barrier and steep learning curve. iDot makes it easy for anyone to start earning farm distributions without the complexities of deploying capital on multiple chains and protocols. iDot Protocol or iDot Finance will be known as Proof of Hold & Hold to Earn. This is a new sector within DeFi that aims to offer accessible and sustainable distributions to investors via yield automation.
The technical barrier to entry into Defi is high, and it necessitates a lengthy learning curve. We want to make it as simple as possible for anyone to begin earning passive income through DeFi without the complexities. Simply purchase/own iDot tokens, and start receiving periodic yield distributions.
These distributions are derived from the transaction occurred on PancakeSwap. iDot is transforming DeFi that delivers the standard industry’s, rebasing rewards, halving process, and a simple Proof of Hold & Hold to Earn mechanism that grows your crypto holdings directly in your wallet, with no need of extra connection or decentralized applications.
At iDot Finance, the native token iDot acts as a proof of ownership of a percentage of future distributions. Your share of distributions is directly proportional to your ownership of the total iDot token supply. You will start receive 0.52% daily of future distributions.
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